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Radio Taxi Amarillo Leon

"A taxi service that does not bother you to take any type of pet to the vet or to any other point in León or to the other end of Spain. Always taking into account the legislation on the transport of pets by road."


Taxi pets Leon

At the request of our clients we created the pet taxi service in which, always bearing in mind that we have to comply with the ordinance on the transport of pets imposed by the DGT, we transport people accompanied by their pet. We set out to undertake this new service in the city of León and we are carrying it out.

This service should not be confused with the transport of animals, we offer the service of transporting taxi users accompanied by their pet.

Taxi can Leon

In the event that your pet does not travel in a carrier, we provide you with a seat belt that is fixed to the hitch of the vehicle and at the other end to your pet's harness, being able to adjust the length of it to allow some mobility while prevents the pet from reaching the pedals or interfering with the taxi driver's driving.
These belts prevent the pet from moving in the event of emergency braking.
These nylon fabric belts with rotating metal closure They are resistant and do not cause discomfort to animals.
In our taxis you can travel safely with your pet.

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