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Cabs Taxi Leon Amarillo

Radio Taxi Leon Amarillo, with phone number 987 10 60 06, are a Leon taxi cab association that has been operating since June 5, 2008 with the aim of achieving the well-being, speed and comfort of the passenger.

Taxi amarillo León

To facilitate the payment of the service, we have an electronic payment system with credit card.

Servicio políglota inglés & castellano en todos nuestros conductores.

English & Spanish multilingual service for all our drivers.

We provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the highest demands for speed and comfort, giving an immediate response to any transfer need. We provide services in high-end vehicles with modern technology.

Advertising in cabs

Radio Taxi Leon

Through the advertisements placed in the taxis, you will ensure that your advertising reaches all parts of the city and areas where we operate, achieving a higher display rate than with fixed posters. Both pedestrians and drivers and passengers of other vehicles will see your ads.
The advertising service consists of placing your advertisement on the two rear doors of each vehicle. The cost of it is € 50 per vehicle and month.
You decide the design, number of vehicles and duration of the campaign.

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Taxis for companys

Alberto Taxi León

Billing of monthly services to paid companies. This system has the following advantages:

  • The customer does not pay for the service at the time.
  • We centralize in a single monthly invoice with the VAT broken down the services performed, we accompany this invoice with the detailed list of services as well as proof of the same.
  • Prior agreement of services for the transfer of company personnel to both the workplace and airports, train or bus stations, etc.
  • Personalized collection of company clients at the Airport, Stations or any other point, with checking of the schedule by Taxi cabs staff.
  • Electronic service from the same credit card in vehicle.
  • Availability of high-end vehicles.

Baby chair

Since the summer of 2017, the classification is no longer done by kilograms of weight, but by centimeters of height. It is mandatory to use a suitable child restraint system until the child measures 135 cm, regardless of age, although the DGT recommends the use of restraint systems until the child measures 150 cm.

Taxi Baby chair Leon

Currently the regulation establishes that children can travel in taxis in urban areas as long as the minor is in the back. Taxi drivers are not responsible for the safety of minors inside the vehicle, the parents are, so it is up to them whether or not to use these seats..

Children can travel by taxi without a chair, but only for urban journeys and never outside the cities.

The DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) recommends bringing your own seat when you go to take a taxi or, if this is not possible, ordering in advance a taxi with a restraint system suitable for the size of the child.

Tell us that you will need a car seat if we are going to leave the urban area of ​​Leon and the cab will take the car seat ready.

Pets Taxi

Taxi mascotas León

At the request of our clients we created the pet taxi service in which, always bearing in mind that we have to comply with the ordinance on the transport of pets imposed by the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic), we transport people accompanied by their pet. We set out to undertake this new service in the city of Leon and we are carrying it out.

This service should not be confused with the transport of animals, we offer the service of transporting users accompanied by their pet.

In the event that your pet does not travel in a carrier, we provide you with a seat belt that is fixed to the hitch of the vehicle and at the other end to your pet's harness, being able to adjust the length of it to allow some mobility while prevents the pet from reaching the pedals or interfering with the taxi driver's driving.
These belts prevent the pet from moving in the event of emergency braking.
These nylon fabric belts with twist metal closure are resistant and do not cause discomfort to animals.
In our taxi cabs you can travel safely in the company of your pet.

Differentiating ourselves has always been one of our great concerns and this has led us to be the first to offer services such as credit card payment, personalized service in English, the first to offer that their children can be seated in the seats that the DGT requires the possibility of being able to book a taxi in advance and the commitment to our customers that our vehicles are premium (an example of this is that we currently have the first plug-in hybrid taxi in León).

Taxi Amarillo León


León is a two-thousand-year-old city, founded by Romans, and which has many attractions. It is located in an area that was the confluence of various civilizations and crossroads as important as the Ruta de la Plata, the Camino de Santiago or the Mesta, which makes the city a very rich cultural and monumental heritage of different times and styles. . The Cathedral is Gothic, the Collegiate Church of San Isidoro Romanesque, the Parador Hostal San Marcos and Gaudí's Casa Botines are Renaissance and the main monuments of the city.

In 1188 the King of León Alfonso IX summoned, for the first time in the history of Europe, the common people to a Cortes, with voice and vote, in the Royal Collegiate Church of San Isidoro.

León is the reference center in Spain in terms of Cybersecurity while constituting one of the main points of the Camino de Santiago.

León has more than two million square meters of green areas, in many cases linked by a network of bike lanes that create a certain green belt in the city, as a result of its location between two rivers (the Torio River and the Bernesga River).

Count on our fleet to make your long distance transfers to or from León.

What is the telephone number of the taxis in León?

The telephone number for Radio Taxi Leon Amarillo is 987 10 60 06 and it works 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Radio Taxi León Amarillo

Avenida de San Mamés 1, 24007 León, Spain
Tel:987 10 60 06 & 987 20 96 56 - e-mail: info @
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