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History of the association Radio Taxi Amarillo Ciudad de León

Radiotaxi Amarillo Ciudad de León was officially born on June 5, 2008. Unofficially, a few months before, two taxi drivers began the bureaucratic procedures with tenacity and determination so that in our city people can choose the taxi service they want, after observing a monopoly imposed by the only taxi association that existed at that time, which set prices and forced our population not to be able to choose freely.

León yellow taxi

A very important part for us was the name that, without any doubt, we chose Radio Taxi Amarillo Ciudad de León as a tribute to our parents who were taxi drivers and belonged to a Leonese taxi drivers association with a name very similar to ours and from which, after the merger with the other taxis in León, was always used as an example of how things should be done; Thus begins a journey that lasts to this day with the intention of innovating and making a difference in our sector with our competitors.

Taxi portabicis León

Differentiating ourselves has always been one of our great concerns and this has led us to be the first to offer services such as payment by credit card, personalized services in English, the first to offer that your children can sit in the seats that DGT obliges, the possibility of being able to book a taxi in advance, the commitment to our customers that our vehicles are premium (an example of this is that we currently have the first plug-in hybrid taxi in León).

León hybrid taxi

Our “Attentive” service for our elderly people in which we take care of our elderly people as they deserve and the novelty, not least, at the request of our clients, of the so-called pet taxi in which and always bearing in mind that we have to comply with the ordinance on the transport of pets imposed by the DGT, we transport people accompanied by their pet. We set out to undertake this new service in the city of León and we carried it out.

We have always been concerned about growing in experience and after 13 years of professional experience, we learn and grow with you every day. Both in urban services, in which we improve day by day, and intercity services for which we thank the customers who have taken us to places abroad such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Porto, Lisbon, Nazareth (Portugal), or in our geography of cities close to León such as Zamora, Palencia, Salamanca, Burgos, Valladolid or further afield such as Madrid, Valencia, Pamplona, ​​Córdoba, Logroño, Santiago de Compostela, Mérida, Coruña, Santander, Gijón, Oviedo, Albacete, Alicante, these being a small example of where we have come from and without a doubt they have made us grow to make a journey of these characteristics pleasant for our clients in this type of service.

Another part that concerned us were the companies in León for which we offer them maximum personalization of our service that leads us to make the routes, billing method, choice of cars, drivers, parcel services tailor-made for them. personalized, running errands, always being open to your suggestions or business possibilities with the purpose that both parties grow and serve them to provide a satisfactory joint service.

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In this last part of the description of our journey we want to thank all our clients for the trust, loyalty and, in many cases, the friendship that already unites us. We would like to tell you some anecdote that has happened to us over the years, but you can always count on the total confidentiality of your experiences with us, which seems to us to be a very important part of our work.

The seven members of this Radiotaxi invite you to get to know us and we remain always at your disposal at our telephone numbers 987209656 and 987106006 or by email.

Radio Taxi León Amarillo

Avenida de San Mamés 1, 24007 León, Spain
Tel:987 10 60 06 & 987 20 96 56 - e-mail: info @
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