Taxi with baby chair

Radio Taxi Leon amarillo

Radio Taxi Amarillo Leon

To book a taxi with a child seat, try to do it as far in advance as possible

Remember that babies must travel in reverse until 15 months, although it is recommended to do so at least up to 2 years and, whenever possible, up to 4 years.

Taxi with baby chair

Currently the regulation establishes that children can travel in taxis in urban areas as long as the minor is in the back. Taxi drivers are not responsible for the safety of minors inside the vehicle, the parents are, so it is up to them whether or not to use these seats.

Children can travel by taxi without a chair , but only for urban journeys and never outside the cities or on any type of road.

The DGT recommends bringing your own seat when you go to take a taxi or, if this is not possible, ordering a taxi with a restraint system suitable for the child's size in advance.

Tell us that you will need a car seat if we are going to go outside the urban area of León and the taxi will take the car seat ready.

Taxi with baby chair in Leon

At Radio Taxi Amarillo Leon we want to make each trip a pleasant experience, so in our taxi service we put at your disposal a baby seat ready in the vehicle for when the passengers are picked up, thus ensuring that your whole family enjoys a comfortable and safe trip. Let one of our professionals pick you up, store your baby's stroller in our vehicle and make your trip quickly and safely.

Since the summer of 2017, the classification is no longer done by kilograms of weight, but by centimeters of height. It is mandatory to use a suitable child restraint system until the child measures 135 cm, regardless of age, although the DGT recommends the use of restraint systems until the child measures 150 cm.

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